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  • Style tile
  • High fidelity screens


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop


Homemade yogurt is all the craze. Yoghurt Shoppe wants to bring this craze to Chicago. Homemade yogurt is catching on because it healthy and fun.

Yoghurt Shoppe is a local small business that has been making fresh, homemade yogurts daily in a variety of unique and classic flavors since 1970. They want to be adventurous as well as cater to people who want their classics and favorites. They’ve exclusively been selling at Farmers markets, but now they want to open their own shop. They are also tinkering with possibly doing a food truck as well.

Yoghurt Shoppe uses locally sourced fruits and ingredients. They also try to use organic products as well. Customers are able to choose between different kinds of milk (goat, almond, soy, etc) and toppings (fruits, spices).

Target Audience

Yoghurt Shoppe is targeting health-conscious consumers and foodies. Socially conscious foodies who would like authentic, locally sourced ingredients with no added sweeteners or artificial ingredients. They hope to start in Chicago and move on to other hip neighborhoods and trendy cities.

Brand Goal

The client wanted to emphasize the homemade feel but in a professional way. They wanted something modern, clean and simple, like their ingredients. They wouldn’t mind a premium look but they were also open to having a fun look and feel. They did not want to be associated with frozen yogurts or big brand name yogurts.

Style Exploration

Competitive Analysis

I looked at other organic yogurt brands that were not the top brand names. They had similar features including the color green, a simple layout with light colors or an image of nature

Design Principles

  • Simple and clean
  • Natural and homemade


Logo Exploration

The logo is the brand identity. I started exploring the unique and simple logo idea. They wanted to portray a homemade, healthy and fresh brand so their logo had to capture that. I chose light colors on some and on others I tried to capture the feel of homemade or natural.

I chose the final design because it was simple and clean. I used a brighter shade of green that would stand out and expressed nature.

Style Tile

High Fidelity

Here are the main screens of the Yoghurt Shoppe website.

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